Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë This will not be a review of 'Jane Eyre' but rather a comparison. 'Villete' by Charlotte Brontë is one of my favourite novels, so I have been postponing the pleasure of reading 'Jane Eyre' for a long time. Well, the latter turned out to be a rather eery, almost ghostly, experience. What was my surprise to discover that it was almost like rereading 'Villette' all over again! I mean, the similarities between the two novels are not just minor, they are too many and too obvious to be overviewed. Every character in 'Jane Eyre' seems to have their counterpart in 'Villette' - that includes similar personalities, appearances and even names.

What was Charlotte Brontë even thinking? Did she lack imagination? I know she was way ahead of her epoch in terms of perception of the world and analyzing human emotions, but maybe that same epoch kept her a prisoner and didn't allow her to broaden her horizons? To her credit - both novels are beautifully written. However, Villette, being the author's last work, felt more realistic, more mature and more captivating to me. Plus, its ending left me in turmoil.