Foundation (Foundation, #1)

Foundation (Foundation, #1) - Isaac Asimov Really, Asimov?

The future painted in Foundation, a future 10,000 years from now, has male emperors, scientists, thinkers, officials, warriors. Male humans. And they all have Western or Russian-sounding names. And they have the same life-expectancy as today, create conspiracies, fight, build monarchies and occasionally hop from planet to planet.

The women are another thing entirely. A thing might be an accurate description actually. Here are the three women I encountered in this story:
- A secretary, mentioned in passing, who doesn’t utter a word
- A model (kind of) whose only line is ‘Oh!’ and then she is made to disappear into thin air
- A wife (what a most noble occupation for a creature of the female sex) whose husband threatens to cut her tongue and nose off unless she shuts up

Oh wow, I can’t wait for the future to come! What exciting prospects! Thank God for male prophets like Asimov!

Really, Asimov? Really?