Stoner - John Edward Williams Stoner, I wish I had known you. You were so unassuming, you consumed me.

People say you were passive, because they don’t realize how little control we have over our destiny.
People say you were miserable, because they’ve never known a love like yours – ignited by the mind, not by the heart or by the flesh.
People say you led a life of emptiness and monotony yet you had achieved everything society expects of us. You had a family; you had love; you had a career. Isn’t this what life is supposed to be? A life, that fits in less than 300 pages. A life so ordinary, people refuse to admit it is their life too.

I loved the book of your existence and I wish I had existed there in the same space with you, curled up and reading to each other. I wish I had known you, Stoner. There are not many like you left in the world.